Performance Monitoring for Wind Farms.

Detect failures and underperformance with machine learning in real-time.

Turbit Performance Monitoring


Turbit's algorithms learn the performance behavior for each turbine. Reduced performance is recognized independently of the manufacturer and per site.


Detected underperformance is compared with our database of over 3000 turbine years and classified in availability categories.


Relevant yield potentials are prepared for you in a real time data analysis. 

How it works:

For each turbine and for each site the performance behavior is trained from the historical SCADA data. In particular, weather data such as air pressure, temperature, wind direction and turbulence intensity are included in the calculation of the models. With the help of these models the performance is predicted with an accuracy of over 99%. Target/ actual analysis are therefore precise and scalable. Turbit's performance monitoring is specialized in the detection of the following events:

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Detect shutdowns

External shutdowns by the direct marketer or the grid operator are not immediately logged in the status messages of the wind turbines. By monitoring 
 with Turbit, you can directly monitor and account for yield losses.

Monitor throttles

Often throttling remains undetected. By learning the normal behavior of the turbines, our algorithms can detect unusual changes immediately and report the changes to you within 60 minutes.

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Monitor power curves

Even long-term changes are detected. For example, a change in the manufacturer's software parameters or nacelle and pitch malpositions can lead to performance losses. Long-term changes in performance are detected and reported.

Improve your operations management.

All events are merged centrally and linked to the status messages of the turbine. Your operations team can thus take targeted action to increase output. Turbit Systems makes scalable performance monitoring for wind farms possible.

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Secure Additional Earnings 

In a free initial SCADA data analysis of your turbines, we identify  underperformances in the recent years.