The Turbit Measurement System (TMS)

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Performance Optimization

Optimization of the performance of your turbine

Detection of Yaw Misalignments

Our system detects the misalignment of the nacelle to the wind. Correcting this error increases the performance of your turbine. In addition, loads are reduced and the service life is increased.

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Detect Rotor Imbalances

Our system detects rotor imbalances. Correcting the imbalance leads to more power and less wear due to less stress.

Detect Pitch Errors

Using an innovative measuring method, we measure the pitch misalignments of your rotor blades during operation. This means fewer failures and less effort for you and of course more power after correction.


SCADA Condition Monitoring

Cost reduction through early damage detection

Surveillance of main components

Our sensors monitor large components such as gears and azimuth bearings. We inform you in advance if there are irregularities or if we suspect them in the future. This enables you to act preventively and save costs.

Predictive Maintenance

Our software team has developed a uniform solution for damage detection using machine learning. This makes it possible to detect irregularities even earlier, from all sensors of the wind turbine, independent of the manufacturer and in real time. 

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